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I had the pleasure to work with Milena in one of my Team Leadership trainings. During these sessions, she brought her solid facilitator skills, strong coaching experience, full presence and energy in service of our development as a team and individuals. Milena is charismatic and creative, and she thinks outside the box.

Milena also impressed me with her commitment to the group as she went out of her way to elicit feedback from the group inviting everyone to share their experiences. It’s this commitment to the people well-being that makes Milena an outstanding coach who empowers her coaches to act.

— Mauricio Campos Suarez Director – MSD International GmbH

I met Milena during a delicate moment in my personal and work life. She helped me by using efficient coaching techniques. Talking to her energizes me and at the same time it pushes me to go deeper with the help of very powerful questions. Working with Milena starts with an interaction with her and it continues between myself and I when the session is over.

— Anna Billò – Giornalista Sky

With her gentle yet firm guidance, Milena opened the gates to my better self, showing me where my full potential can lead me. Her coaching style served as a tool to refine my work and private life.

— Anna Inferrera – Yoga Teacher

Milena was born a coach. She brings balance, grounding and genuine care to coaching, creating a safe space for exploring new paths. I can unquestionably recommend her as a coach to anyone who is ready to take the challenge and to welcome results.

— Federica Lodico Rivetti – Garden Designer

Coaching with Milena is like a stroll through my inner world. Using a metaphor, coaching has taught me how to swim, accepting the fact that even if my style is not perfect for others, it is perfect for me! Each session gives me a reassuring clarity that transforms my thoughts into actions.

— Pina Gandolfi – Creative Director, Fashion Journalist

Milena took me by the hand and gently led me out of my comfort zone. Beyond the known, into the unknown, where I could finally see the future I want.

— Elisabetta Carugo – Owner of Cheri, Bio Esthetic Center

As an art director I had a vision of what I desired, but it was hard for me to focus on the objectives, and this caused a great waste of energies. I decided to start working with Milena to overcome difficulties I encountered in my working life, and I started a journey that not only fulfilled that expectation, but enriched me as a person as well. Milena is an extraordinary travel mate. It’s a natural for her to put her skills and empathy at your disposal.
To be welcoming is part of her essence.

— Filippo Magri – Art Director

Milena is a force of nature. She is both gentle and fierce, curious and kind, playful yet relentless, all in the service of finding your path. I can’t recommend her highly enough as both a coach and a friend.

— Johnny Beveridge – Banker, Fund Manager, Commercial Pilot

Milena has a talent that struck me since the first session: her intuition helped me recover my Ariadne’s thread. Working with her it’s like being in the presence of a cat that is able to reconnect me with my Inner Self. Meeting Milena it has been a wonderful opportunity for my evolution.

— Marina Marchesi – Artist and Photographer

If you don’t bring light into your life, there won’t be awareness. Living unaware is like walking around in the dark.
Thank you, Milena, for being my guiding light, and for helping me to feel that we are all connected to the Earth beneath us and the Sky above us.

— Manuela Guerini – Owner of Real Estate Agency